Want to know a secret?

You have everything you need, already within you, to create your most magical life.

Even before the day of your birth, the universe equipped you with all the tools that you need to attract everything you desire and bring it into form with ease.

You've been coded up perfectly for this lifetime...

And you've always known you have a unique and special gift within you.

You also know it's time to share it with the world, don't you?

Because you know that bringing that gift to life will make things better for humanity, starting with yourself, and all those looking to find what you've naturally got.

But that gift, that infinite spark within you, it's elusive. It hides behind the version of you that others expect you to be.

Sometimes it's so deeply buried by this persona you've become, you wonder if you just made it up. Maybe sharing your gift is just a dream, a childish fantasy.

If you look at your life and feel as though you’ve spent too much time becoming who you’re not, instead of celebrating and expressing the gift that you are, rest assured.

Your inner-compass isn’t broken. 
It’s just a bit rusty...

...and I've been building up an abundant supply of heavy-duty rust-remover for this very moment.

If you’re finally ready to: 

✨ Get clear about who you are and who you’re not ✨

✨ Never make another bad decision ever again ✨

✨ Bring more harmony to your relationships ✨

✨ Increase awareness of your unique purpose on the planet ✨

✨ Have more energy available to enjoy your life ✨

✨ Integrate new, empowering daily practices ✨

✨ Build new habits of self-acceptance and love ✨

✨ Confidently create an optimistic, fun and fulfilling future ✨

…then it’s time to start leveraging
the most magical gift that already exists within you, your unique Human Design.


Your Guided Journey of Self-Discovery

Discover Your Secret
Magic offers a 6-week intimate container
in which you’ll be guided to explore and integrate the principles of Human Design into your day-to-day life. 

As you practice applying what you learn in each session, you’ll start navigating life’s challenges with less effort and more ease. As your awareness of how perfectly you're designed expands, you'll encounter less resistance.

Every week, you'll bring your real-life-scenarios to the live "Q&A" call and plug into my intuitive guidance and advisory.

The way I experience myself has evolved so dramatically since I began honoring the way my energy system is designed.

I manage my time differently. I have more compassion for myself and others. And I no longer have that nagging sense that I'm not doing what I'm meant to do in this lifetime. 

I care deeply that you experience the same kind of profound and lasting results for yourself.

Your Path

Module 1 — Orientation to Human Design: Living by Strategy & Authority 

Module 2 — Profile: The Part You’re Here to Play 

Module 3  Being Defined: Coming Home to Who You Truly Are

Module 4  Open Centers: Deconditioning & Relating with Others

Module 5 — Incarnation Cross: What Your Life is About

Module 6 — Your Secret Magic: Enlivening Daily Life for You & Others

Do I need prior Human Design knowledge to take this course?


Beyond knowing your accurate birth information, no previous experience with Human Design is required. This course is suitable for those who are total beginners to those with intermediate experience in practicing Human Design.

If you're a highly advanced Human Design practitioner, this may not be the right place for you. If you want someone to simply read your Human Design chart, but don't want to take on new attitudes and actions, this course won't be a good fit.

If you're looking for memorized, encyclopedic knowledge of the finest details of Human Design, you're not going to find it here. All the facts and details are in books, and everywhere on the internet.

If this is what you're after, I can recommend some excellent resources. Knock yourself out!

My expertise is in the intuitive integration of this system into your daily life — how to apply Human Design to change the way you feel about yourself and what you're here for.

This course is for you if... 

You're genuinely curious about yourself and the way you operate.

You're open to new ideas and looking at life from a new point of view.

You're willing to have more ease, flow, and fun in your daily life.

You're ready to listen, participate, play, and learn.

You feel like you're being led towards some bigger purpose, but you can't quite wrap your mind around it... or, something's been stopping you from bringing it into form.

You want genuine, insightful, intuitive guidance for your path.

You're willing to be deeply seen for who you truly are.

Investment: $697

Spaces are limited for this intimate, transformational experience.

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Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Meaghan, a 3/5 Emotional Projector, international award-winning abstract artist, Amazon #1 best-selling author, multi-dimensional energy medicine practitioner, and trusted intuitive guide.

I'm the founder of the transformational art-making space, Touchstone Studio, where I work with my own signature, alchemical method to create custom Stardust Transmission Artwork, delivering Frequency Alignments through the Global Arts Healing Network.

After a life-changing brain injury in 2017, I left a successful career in media sales to devote my life to making art and following the inner guidance I could no longer ignore.

When a friend introduced me to Human Design, I found I had a natural affinity to interpret and practically apply the principles of this system to help people radically transform their experience of self and purpose. Since then, I've been reading charts, leading workshops, and working one-on-one with clients to cause radical shifts in how they perceive themselves. 

Here’s the good news:

As someone walking the path of courageous self-discovery every single day, I am here for you for all of it.

The way my energy system is designed connects you to a dimension of your own conscious awareness. 

Learning the elements of your energetic design helps you get clear about what’s worth fighting for. When that's clear for you, it's easy to see what’s been holding you back, and let go of it. When your essential power is reactivated, you can't deny your connection to your own infinite source energy. You feel safe to remember who you are and what you’re here for.

It's time to wake up fully to the opportunity of your aliveness, and honor the gift only you can bring to the world. 

In this course, you can clear the canvas, and then make the first marks to turn your every day life into a work of art.

What People Are Saying:

Jesi V.

"Understanding my own design has been amazing, but bringing Human Design into my relationship with my family has been totally life-changing."

Jackie F.

“ I felt very deeply seen and reflected in ways that I think are still unfolding and expanding!”

Megan L.

"Working with Meaghan has been life-changing. I finally understand who I am and what I was put here on earth to do. Human Design has allowed me to understand my unique system and strengths, so I now know how to make decisions from a place of personal power and am 100% clear on my role in the world. Before working with Meaghan, I was kind of in a slump, unsure of my next step in life or how I was supposed to make things happen. Now that I know I’m a Manifestor, everything makes sense, not just moving forward, but looking back. Meaghan was able to intuit and read all my struggles and strengths and offer me advice for how to better work with them. I wish I would have known about Human Design years ago! Everything would have been much easier for me."


Frequently Asked Questions

I promise you:

Your purpose, your gift, it is worth discovering.

The calling you keep hearing, it’s worth listening to... in fact it may be the only thing worth listening to!

For me, it took a life-threatening injury to surrender to living my life devoted to purpose. 

I don't recommend waiting for injury, loss, disability, or misfortune before taking steps to sort this out for yourself.

It is worth investing your time and energy to bring what's unique about you into the light of day.

Your Magic Awaits...

Are you ready to apply Human Design to your everyday life, finally experience the fullness of your own unique magic, and live this life to your full potential, according to your energetic code?

You're invited to your own journey of self-discovery...


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Manifestors, it's time to Make it Happen.

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Projectors, You Are INVITED!

Reflectors? ...take your time...

Listen to your Inner Authority and take the next step into living in alignment...
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